BBQ grills, Exterior Light Fixtures, Iron Gates, Patio Furniture, Planters


Gas Lift & Conventional Mandrels, Skids, Receiving Tools, Lift Arms & Base Plates, Nuts, Bolts & Washers, Fasteners, Sealing Rings Valve handles, Brackets, Sub Sea Trees, Down Hole Tools, Manifolds, 


Boat Tops & Accessories, Camper Awnings, 4 Wheeler Frames & Rims, BBQ Grills 


Rims, Front End Grills, Auto Accessories, Door Handles, Bumpers, Headers, Intakes, Valve Covers, Roll Bars, Shock Absorbers, Ashtrays, Jeep & Truck Seat Frames, Luggage Racks
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Xylan Coating
Xylan is a liquid coating that has been used in the offshore industry for 40 years.  Xylan assists in friction, chemical resistance, subsea visibility, durability, salt water coorosion and withstands extreme temperatures while resisting blistering under burrowing.
Powder Coating
Although powder coating was originally used as an environmentally safe application for
coating commercial parts, it is now one of the most common finishes available. The appearance, durability, chemical resistance and corrosion protection is superior to a painted finish. 
Phenolic Epoxy Coating
Phenolic Epoxy Coating is a liquid modified epoxy that is cured at high temperatures, and used as a protective coating for gas lift & conventional mandrels, tank lining, machinery parts, fans and tubular goods.
Zinc Priming
Zinc primers are used to resist corrosion by forming a barrier between the metal and the atmospheric moisture, and is used as a base coat for all metals that will be exposed to environmental conditions.
Phosphate Coating
Phosphate coatings are used for corrosion resistance, lubricity and is used as a base for subsequent coatings such as Xylan.
High Temp Coating
High temp coatings are designed to withstand extreme temperatures while providing corosion protection.
High temp coatings are available in liquid and powder forms.
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